Now, Let's Talk about Me!

I'll call them "Celebrity Mistress Stalkers" cms for short. These are clients I've encountered, particularly via keen, but in house and (even worse) in real life, who speak or session with Me for the express purpose of pumping me for information about another Mistress. Are they joking? Why would I want to engage in a conversation about how wonderful/cruel/dominant another Mistress is? Do they not realize that this is beyond boring for Me? Arena is a large dungeon with something like 20 Dommes. As I no longer work shifts there and only come in for clients, it isn't like the old days when I lounged around all day there, getting to know My coworkers. There are easily half a dozen women working there that I've never even met! The cms comes in several varieties, the first and most common is the worshipper from afar. This guy has never had a session with the Mistress of his dreams, possibly hasn't ever even seen a pro-Domme. He wants to chat about what Mistress So and So will do to him in session. How the fuck should I know?!? I've never been submissive to Her! Sometimes I've done double sessions with the Domme in question and if I am feeling generous, I'll tell him a bit about her style. But for the most part, I'm mildly offended. Shouldn't you be calling to chat with Me about what I might do to you in session?

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