My YK mitzvah and the walk home

Wow, where to begin. Let's see, the cousin that promised to loan me a significant chunk of cash, played phone tag with Me all week. I finally caught up with him at Yom Kippor dinner on friday night where he confessed that he could only front Me a quarter of the amount he had offered. Some help is better than none and while I am grateful for it, I wish he had been up front with me sooner. Saturday I saw two fun and easy clients. Both were primarily about foot worship. Around noon on saturday I saw a 75 year old grandpa who primarily spent our time together chatting while he cuddled my legs and occassionally kissed My calves. He was very sweet and when we discussed that it was Yom Kippor, he told Me that allowing him to worship My legs was certainly a mitzvah! Later that afternoon I saw another client who was also enamored of My legs and soles but from a totally different point of view. His session included humiliation along with spitting and golden showers. So while earlier I had gently and nearly lovingly discussed why worshipping My legs was such an honor, it became a humilating punishment for a (requested script) "dirty, pathetic and insignificant, pencil-dicked loser." Among his more amusing moments was when he asked if I would spit in his mouth after I had pissed on him, so he could have my saliva for dessert, because it is so sweet! Saturday night I went drinking and dancing in Williamsburg to celebrate Lisa's B-day. Had fun, even though portions of the night were spent in car service cars heading to bars that we only knew vaguely where they were located. I finished off the night with My friend J over at the Lucky cat where he was barbacking. We then decided to hang outabout halfway over the Williamsburg Bridge. For all the years I've lived on the LES, I'd never actually walked the bridge. Count on Me to make it memorable. My heels were killing Me, so I actually walked the length of the bridge barefoot! It was a very wobbly walk as I had multiple Vodka cranberries before that last beer.

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