File Under: Only Me....

SO this afternoon I was running errands in midtown when I did something that is totally typical for Me, but probably unheard of for normal people. Don't get so excited. I didn't say it was perverted! SO I am walking past some major transportation hub (I think Port Authority, but I can't remember) and I see a cop with a german shepard. As I always do, I approach the cop, gestured to the pup and said, "Hi, I know he is working, but can I give him some love?" And as usual, the cop says "Go ahead." I extend My hand palm up to introduce Myself to the dog and his huge wet nose pushes around My palm. Once he has given Me a decent sniff, I give him a scratch behind the ears and along his neck. As many dogs do, he continues sniffing Me as I pet him and chat with his owner/partner. As the shepard is strongly and continuosly sniffing up and down the pant leg of My jeans, it dawns on Me that the last time I wore these jeans I was sitting on a friend's bed watching her snort lines of coke. Those of you who know Me, know that I don't do anything that goes up My nose or in My veins (yeah yeah, I know that leaves crack smoking wide open). However the jeans that I was wearing had just recently been in very close promixity to some cocaine. I had the mildest flutter of panic. Maybe some fell on the bed and ground into My jeans. Maybe the dog was only trained to sniff for bombs, not drugs at all. I have no idea, but I quickly said, "Gotta go." to the cop and "Bye cutie." to the dog. And walked away thinking, "Damn I am a dumbass. Note to self: in the future, do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT approach potential drug sniffing dogs when your clothing may have trace amounts of illegal substances on them."

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