I Want. I Want. I Want.

Earlier this evening I stumpled upon an item that I want so badly you can not possibly imagine. THE BLACK IPOD. The client I saw tonight promised it to Me. We'll see if he comes through. He actually seemed to think he could get one before the official November 22nd release. As previously stated, we shall see. The other material item I am currently salivating over and most likely going to purchase this afternoon, is My very first pair of Gucci heels. They are amazing. Think black leather clog, Gucci buckle and 5 inch wooden stilletto heels. I am being reasonable about this. I tried them on last Sunday. I didn't buy them that day because a-they are $150 (fuck you, that is a bargain, we are talking genuine Gucci!) b-they are actually half a size too small. They feel fine on, however my heel hangs over the edge just the tiniest bit. So, if Gabay's hasn't already sold them to some other shoe/label whore, they will be MINE!

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