Caution Required for My Vanilla Friends....

OK, is there a post about Me on Max Fisch that I don't know about? Serendipitously, as I am newly available for sessions again, my appointments have skyrocketed! Maybe the phone girls are selling Me more? But at least three of My clients this week specifically requested Me. Hooray! It is great to be back in the saddle again. I had a session the other night with a client i have written about before, Lollypop Boy. We've known eachother a long time and I have definitely expanded his boundaries more than once. However this last session, we actually did something I had never done before. (Imagine that!)The following will be a graphic description of our session toghter, so Vanilla Friends, exit now, before I've scarred you for life. Lollypop Boy has done crossdressing, humiliation, anal and ass/foot/leg worship scenes with me for a long time. I'm pretty sure that I have used a strap-on on him previously, but I honestly don't remember. I know for certain I've had him worship (ie: kiss, lick and suck) dildos previously, and for all the things I've stuck up his ass, I really don't remember actually fucking him with a strap-on. The dungeon is definitely a place to learn new things. I've used strap-ons before, but for some bizarre reason I never realized you could have anal sex facing each other. With boyfriends I had always received it doggy style and I brought that experience into the dungeon with Me. Our session began with him excitedly showing Me what he had brought for Me. A Diet Pepsi (my beverage of choice, so it was a thoughful gesture and he apologized for not remembering what brand of cigarettes I smoked and promised Me a pack of Camel Lights for next time), a single red rose, several large bananas, a small package of Ferro Rocher Chocolates and as I discovered later, after he had left, a package of Breath Savers. Was that for Me too? I admit I was slightly taken aback by the chocolates. As delicious as they are, with their bumpy brown exterior and his propensity for ass play, I momentarily feared that he was going to ask me to simulate some kind of scat scene. But he had no requests of that nature, only to be taken anally (sp?) by Me. I strapped on a black latex dildo, in consideration of the fact that this might be his first ass fucking with something that wasn't food related, I chose a smaller one. We spent some time with him adoringly watching Me eat one of the chocolates and a banana. When I walked out of the room to find an unlubricated condom for him to suck My strap-on, we played a game I've used for years when I need to momentarily leave a session. I tell My client to come up with five adjectives to describe Me and three to describe themselves. It is always interesting to see which words they use after the obligatory beautiful/sexy/gorgeous etc. Unfortunately I can't recall which words he chose the other day. Forgive Me if I rush the story along a bit now, but I am getting sleepy. Once I had positioned him on the floor, vulnerable and exposed with his legs bent and spread, I pulled on a pair of latex gloves, lubed up a couple of fingers and went exploring. I curled My fingers toward his stomach while they were inside him and massaged what I believe was his prostate. I've always found it amusing that the pad of flesh inside a man's ass that will make him writhe when stimulated is basically in the same location the g-spot supposedly is in women. Once I had loosened him up a bit, I put his ankles by My shoulders and entered him. I started gently and slow. I began fucking him harder with little endearing epithets. "I'm fucking you like a bitch, Aren't I? Are you My bitch?" "Yes I am your Bitch, Octavia. I am Octavia's Bitch." "Yes slut, you are My bitch." As I was pumping away at him, it occurred to Me that I was beginning to work up a sweat. Why was I working so hard? I then said, "Slut, it is time to change positions. I am going to lay down and you are going to ride My cock like the filthy slut you are. You had better not let it slip out while we move, or I will really punish you." And so I found myself laying on the floor of the dungeon with My hands behind My head and Lollypop Boy bouncing on My latex cock. It was a revelation. No wonder guys always want women on top! There was practically no effort required on My side from that position. What had started to become grueling work, became effortless.

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