Ever just have a great day? Or running around Brooklyn half naked

Sometimes you just have a great day. I spent the night at a friend's place on the UWS. It was such a nice apt to wake up in. Headed downtown to the gym, did some crazy olympic powerlifting and ran over to Arena for a session. What is the big deal about "sensual sessions"? The house and general rules on professional BDSM are pretty clear. There is no sexual contact. But then there are sensual sessions. Today's was a roleplay about "my neighbor" whom I had caught spying on me and my roommates sunbathing nude on the roof. It was a fun, flirty roleplay mixed in with some spanking and overpowering. Totally up my alley. Explain to me why a domme would have no issue doing a barehanded spanking, but cringe at the idea of running her hand gently along a client's facial cheek? I love coming in close to whisper in my client's ear. For this guy, a sense of affection along with his punishment was really important. He was able to express it during our consult and I really appreciate that.

I then ran off to Brooklyn Heights to participate in this photography project: Uncovered: Celebrating Women in NYC shot by Jordan Matter. I honestly had a blast. The photographer is handling the shoots in two ways, either locations he has been eyeing or something personal to the subject. He was very excited about the fact that I'm a domme and asked if I would be comfortable somehow incorporating that into the shoot. Thus I ended up strolling down a residential block in thigh high leather boots, a jean skirt, corset (with my breasts strategically uncovered), with a patent leather cat o'nine dangling from my wrist.

Ironically the shot that actually aroused attention from the cops and ultimately ended our shoot was me in flip flops, bare legs, jean skirt, a pony tail and glasses reading the NY Times outside of the Brooklyn supreme court. An extremely interesting note is that the cops never spoke a word to me or even approached me. They went straight for the photographer. But wasn't it my bare breasts causing the disturbance?

Then it was back into the city for more Asian Film Fest. Tonight's viewings are One Night in Mongkok and Arahan. I won a dvd! There are drawings for prizes at the start of each flick and I could believe the other night Craig AND his gf both won stuff. That was of course a few days after he ended up unintentionally sitting next to me. I will not allow his presence to ruin this terrific film fest for me!

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