yeah, I'm back from the ether

Don't ya just hate it when you find a blogger whose writing you actually enjoy and they just disappear into thin air? Sorry I've been absent. Now that the fetish marathon is over, I think I'll be returning to my regularly scheduled life.

In the midst of the madness that was prepping for the Ball, I did actually find time to do some random fun things, including attending a night of music created with gameboys from these people. I also went to the movies quite a bit, the best things I saw were Mad Hot Ballroom & Layer Cake. I discovered a bar with a rooftop garden literally a stone's throw from my apt but the thing that excites me the most is the upcoming New York Asian Film Festival. Pity the three friends with me when I finally picked up a hard copy of the schedule and movie descriptions on Sunday afternoon. I spent the next hour reading aloud nearly every synopsis and encouraging them to choose which ones they might like.

I'm so lucky my friends adore me. Finding people to attend close to 30 films with me within a span of less than two weeks is not an easy endeavor. Sure the ex will be at most of the flicks I've chosen, but we will not be sitting together this year and while I can handle watching a flick alone, I hate not having anyone to discuss it with afterward. My hunt for a boy who likes the same kind of movies I do, can engage in a decent intelligent conversation and is hot enough to make me swoon continues. Wait, I found that guy, he just isn't interested in me "like that." So allow me to revise my manhunt wishlist by adding killer kisser, cuddle champion, a lack of relationship fear, oh and of course, an unwavering attraction to me.

I apologize to the fetishists seeking a blow by blow of the events I attended this week. Honestly, I was so exhausted and working so hard, it is really all a blur of lacing up my boots and tightening my corsets over and over again.

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