I swear I'm not dead, just at the movies

I've been getting those emails and phone calls asking if I'm dead in a ditch again. Obviously not. Unfortunately blogger is dead set against me and sent my last post off into oblivion somewhere. Maybe someone else's blog got my post. Who knows? I was too frustrated to rewrite it. All the interesting parts of my life are not currently up for public consumption...sorry. Except my attendance of the Asian Film Fest. Thus far I've seen:
Survive Style 5+
Karaoke Terror

I still have plans for at least:
Crying Fist
Kamikaze Girls
One Night in Mongkok
Samaritan Girl

Eleven flicks in less than two weeks might seem like a lot to the uninitiated, but that's only a third of the offerings and I'm certain I'll end up at more than what I've listed here.

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