more I heart muay thai & rant #683 regarding online dating

I know I've mentioned this before, but I FUCKING LOVE kickboxing! Now that I'm starting to have a clue and some confidence it is so much fun. I get frustrated with my body when I intellectually understand what I need to do but cannot do so correctly. Of course the inverse of that is when I overthink a move rather than just relaxing and allowing my body to just do it. But sometimes (and more often lately) my glove or shin hits the pad correctly and makes the most satisfying thwack. I know when I'm correct because it just feels and sounds right.

Sunday afternoon a male friend and I spent hours discussing our online dating exploits. My constant whine (I know you've all heard this before) is that getting laid is not a problem. I'm female, call it the power of the pussy if you must, but I can get laid in a heartbeat; finding someone whose company I really enjoy remains a formidable task. Is it just an NYC thing, a 2005 thing or an online thing that when either of us actually goes on these dates sex is practically inevitable. Maybe it is the screening process, by the time you agree to go out with someone from online, you already know a bit about them and find them attractive enough to meet up with. Or maybe we are both just total sluts.

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