C and I went to the American Museum of the Moving Image last night to see David Cronenberg's new movie Spider. He was there and did a Q&A afterward (it was part of the Pinewood Dialogue series, we also went to see Alan Parker & The Life of David Gale the night before.) Afterward, C has a book to be signed (like he always has SOMETHING to be signed) so we wait on line (see that damn dialect survey regarding this in line vs. on line crap) to do a quick meet/greet/sign session. I had planned on being quiet and just letting C do his thing. Once we get to the front however, I decide to say "I had never seen any of your films, then he took me to 9 of them in one week." Cronenberg asked where and we told him about the festival of his work last year at Anthology Archives. Then me being me of course, I whacked him on the leg or arm with the roll of paper towels I was holding (we took the motorcycle out there in the snow) and said "The Brood gave me nightmares!" He said, I was going to ask how you were after all that or how you survived. Funny.

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