Listening to Modest Mouse's"Trailer Trash" on iTunes right now. About 2 months ago, C and I each found songs we had been on the hunt for, for over a decade, within one week of each other. I still haven't heard mine as it is on vinyl (and yes I know it is a sin, but we do not currently have a turntable set up anywhere), so is his, but he found an mp3 of it when he got back from England. I know the suspense is killing you. His song was "Police Officer" by Smiley Culture (1980's UK reggae guy) and it totally holds up. I am fiending for more from this guy! Mine was (and kind of still is) "Roll It Up" by Success-N-Effect. all I could remember for year was the chorus and the opening sample "You're out there on the street and you don't know what time it is?!?!?" I know it will probably suck when I finally hear it, but it's stuck in my brain from intermediate school!

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