OK, here's the deal. I work in an extremely overcrowded used entertainment shop. Think Collyer brothers. Now envision the rain we had last weekend, monsoon should come to mind. Now put them together and you might be able to understand that I have spent most of the last 4 days drying the 100 gallons of water that fell through the ceiling off of CDs and videos. Beyond the tremendous amount of merch that we lost, my keyboard got fried. All week I had notes in my brain about things I wanted to blahblahblog about. Like, C shot 60 buck. A perfect score on Big Buck Hunter. Of course, knowing him, he will now need to get all 60 with only one shot each! We were so socially active last week! In one 24 hour period, we went to a taping of
Last Call with Carson Daly
(Luke Wilson from that movie Old School that we saw and loved last week was on along with
Ben Lee
), then we hopped in a cab like in the movies and somehow made it from Rockefeller Center to Mercer Street in about 12 minutes, and made it to our seats before the house lights even went down for Lost Highway: the Hank Williams Story and the next night we saw the final installment of the Ben Lee & Friends series at
. Which may or may not have been recorded. Busy, eh? I am sleepy and cranky and still have an hours worth of cleaning to do before I can go home.

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