My baby and I are going to eat steak tonight! We have reservations at Sammy's Romanian on Chrystie Street. I haven't been there in years, it is exceedingly expensive and artery hardening. I can't remember if this slogan belongs directly to them or if it is from a review, but the catchphrase is "The only green things on the menu are Heineken bottles." C has never been. I know it would score negative points on the romantic atmosphere scale, but I think it will work just right for us. Yesterday i was wandering the West Village looking for V-day gifts for my darling, when i walked past Joe's Dairy, a fresh cheese shop. I got excited, he likes cheese! He even belonged to the cheese of the month club as a child! I walk in and they are actually making the cheese. Totally fascinating to me, I do not cook or build so anyone who can really do things with their hands completely impresses me. I end up buying a hunk of smoked mozzarella with slices of proscuitto rolled up in it. On my way home I stopped to visit a friend at work and when I showed it to her, she turned it on its side and said, "You're giving your boyfriend a cheese vagina for Valentine's day!" It's true, the swirls of prosciutto do uncannily resemble some labial folds. I laugh aloud everytime i think about it.

Today's triumph is recording from C's minidisc player onto my G4 cube. Due to an amazing little invention called the imic, which we learned about on the ever useful I went to battle with my sound control panel, but I am victorious and now the totally illegal recording C made of a show we went to recently now resides in itunes.

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