Happy (belated) Birthday brain bleed! It seems I've been posting every now and again for over a full year. I really thought it had only been a few months. While I was officially NOT doing my work today, I found this interview with Adrian Tomine on bookslut. I haven't read Optic Nerve in years, but I remember giving away multiple copies of 32 stories because I felt my friends NEEDED to read it.

How sad and wrong is it to take advantage of the incredibly difficult housing situation in NYC? There are so many crimes to choose from! I charged two-thirds of my rent for a (maybe) 5x7 room in my railroad tenement that I cut through to use the toilet. At least my roommates over the years chose that particular indignity. Yesterday, my boyfriend and a friend, who has posted on craigslist for potential roommates for her oh-so-punk, exceedingly dingy Williamsburg place, decided to start videotaping the interviews. Surreptitiously, of course. But how entertaining does this whole little exercise become, when the bass player from a one-hit-wonder band shows up to check out the space and starts talking about the b-list celebs he hung out with the night before? And how he woke up sans cash & cellphone? hehehe, I'm so easily amused.

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