I set up a webcam at work! It was up for quite awhile before any of the staff even noticed. So glad they are an observant and responsible bunch! So it is actually not completely public, basically only you & I know the link [edited 1/15/04 to add: sorry kids, the link is no longer active, so I have removed it]. But for those of my friends who have been sending me the "I'm worried, are you still alive?" emails, now you can check in on me anytime you please.

My other current timewasting obsession is my listing on keen/niteflirt. Uh-oh I just put links to both of my jobs in one entry on my anonymous blog! Whatever, since I've only ever gotten 2 comments on the damn thing and all search engine inquiries that end up here are people actually looking for info on bleeding brains (not of the zombie variety), I'm not all that concerned. After all I'm obviously some attention/recgnition seeking loser anyway, right? Want to hear a little confession? I edited my bio page on the shop's site to include my whole name because I was dissatisfied with the results I got when I googled myself.

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