I spent time in my bed last night for the first time since wednesday night. Thursday night I slept @ C's mom's apartment in Queens which we are finally packing up for storage, now that she's been gone a year and a half. The I worked until Saturday evening when I went to see NEW MODEL ARMY!!!. They haven't played the US in 10 years and I found out about the last show the day after it happened. Not only did I go to this show, I got in for free ('cuz I was on the list, yo!), but I went to the early and the late show!!!! Joy. Joy. Joy. Then I came back to work, until Sunday afternoon when it was time to head off to AMMI for the Tim Burton fest (let no one tell you that the Batman movies are worth seeing) followed by Kurosowa's Seven Samauri. It is 50 years old, over 3 hours long and undoubtably one of the best films I have ever seen.

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