Maybe I've been reading Taking Dictation (the office sex blog) too much. I had a little bit of a freaky clash of worlds today. I allowed a slave to deliver a gift to Me at the record shop. We had agreed beforehand that there would be no public humiliation and that subltety and discretion was key for both of us. He bought Me a very hot pair of fire-engine red ankled strapped and open toed stilettos. They look like these but are RED:

I love them and can't wait to wear them. I'm going to need to get a red pedicure to complement them. He also brought Me new (warm and dry!) socks as this completely shitty weather had soaked right through My sneakers and socks. He also bought sushi for My dinner. All in all a lovely little encounter. He wore a collar under his scarf and silky black panties with a pvc garter and stockings beneath his regular clothes. He carefully shifted his clothing around to show Me that he had obeyed My clothing requests. He was very excited about meeting Me and bizarrely enough I found Myself nervous. We got along terrifically on the phone, how would our chemistry be in person? It went well, and I think we were both pleased with the outcome. Also of note is the experience of meeting with a submissive as a Domme while not in full on D-I-V-A state. I was at the shop, wearing no makeup with jeans and sneakers. For some, the fantasy of Me as unattainable, uber-bitch or perfect woman is compromised by the idea and certainly the reality of seeing Me in street clothes. Do they really believe that every Domme totters around in corsets and 6-inch heels all day? For others, it is infinitely MORE exciting to know that the totally "normal" looking woman knows Her way around a whip. I've only ever done one session where I went straight from the street into the dungeon wearing the same clothes. I was wearing a brown velvet swing dress with long sleeves and a mock turtleneck. It was so long ago I can't recall the actual scenario but I had seen the client several times before and whatever his scene was, it didn't matter what I was wearing.

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