Had a lovely Sunday! Actually slept in, woke up on my own, no alarms, phones or boyfriend prodding me. Got up, had brunch over at Lotus Club by myself, bought really expensive conditioner and a new comb, then proceeded to spend the next 2 hours detangling my hair. I actually got sort of metaphysical about it. Thinking about each strand and how much they wanted to be free and long rather than knotted and therefore short. Then C came home, we cuddled, talked about last night's fight and then had some really excellent messy sweaty sex, marring my perfectly clean and freshly showered self. Then I threw on some comfy old clothes and did a batch of laundry. Now I'm at the shop and feeling inexplicably nauseous. Got a repeat keen call tonight from the guy who plans to break up with his girlfriend so he can belong to me completely. We had a really fun session where I asked him what his most prized possession was and when he told me it was his tennis court, I threatened to drill holes in it and cover it with gravel. The other day I had another fun call with a guy who has a foot/shoe fetish but he actually was fantasizing about taking it a step further. Going shoe shopping with me and having me "force" him to worship my feet right there in the middle of the shoe shop. Talk about public humiliation. Honestly it sounds fun, I would totally do that, I mean fuck, this is New York, like anyone would even look twice!

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