Multiple people have suggested that I use a pseudonym. Along with comments like, "What if your clients google you?" I'm not worried about it. I rarely have anything negative to say about my clients and if/when I do, I don't tend to hesitate to share my displeasure with them. Honestly, I love my clients. The best way to describe it is that I do believe that submission is a gift and I admire the courage these men have to live out their fantasies. Hell, I know and understand them intimately in a way that most of their wives/girlfriends and best friends don't even know them! After a good session my mood is fantastic and on the rare occaision a session goes poorly, I take it personally.

I have only once felt that hatred and disrespect that is commonly felt by sex workers toward their clients. He was a regular phone client at the time and I earned sometimes as much as a grand a week from him when his wife was out of town. One night we were in the middle of a multiple girl scene when his young daughter knocked on his bedroom door. He had us hold while she came in the room. She was sick, I can't even remember what she had, probably some basic little kid illness like a cold or tummy-ache, but what she wanted at that moment was her father's attention and instead of giving it to her, he got back on the phone with us and spent at least another 45 minutes in his fantasy while she knocked on the door every 10 to 15 minutes. His calls were often 3 or 4 hours long, so it wasn't like we had just begun. I suppose it is one of my few regrets that I completed the call rather than dropping out of character and telling him to get his fucking priorities in order. Of course I know you can't tell anyone how to raise their children or pets and that my intense reaction was probably tied up in daddy issues of my own.

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