Let's go shopping!

I had two fun calls on my way to the shop this morning. Both are regular callers, but with very different scenes. "Krissy" is somewhere in the midwest and very much desires strict guidance toward becoming a crossdresser. "She" has called Me at least half a dozen times constantly working up the nerve to buy a sexy outfit to wear. We've gotten as far panties and stockings; but perhaps this evening Krissy will finally get out of the car parked in the mall lot and go into the shops. The plan is for Me to accompany Krissy on the shopping spree via cell phone. I will direct her to find a short slutty skirt and a tight shirt. I think heels are an absolute necessity, but I don't know what size range they'll have available. This client is both entertaining and exciting for Me because I really believe that this task will be a struggle for krissy, but ultimately very rewarding.

I tend not to do actual domination via the phone. What's the point? How am I to know if he is kneeling or not touching himself? With men who actually play, it becomes more of a pre-session consultation. Tell Me about your interests and experiences and I'll tell you a bit about Mine. Many times it becomes something of what I imagine a regular phone sex call is like, but instead of describing vanilla sex acts, I will use descriptions of an intense caning or the transformation of crossdressing as foreplay.

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