The boring vacay blog continues

Life, or at least journals, are always this way. When things are happening and interesting, there's not time to record or reflect; whereas when I have nothing but time, I don't really have all that much to say. The outgoing message on My cellphone while I am away says, "I am out of town & range for the holidays. Anything you have to say can be emailed to Me." It seems that this was an open invitation to TWO different slaves who have been out of touch for over six months to email Me. Odd. This afternoon, the Mom and I reminisced about a grouper sandwich we each last had nearly 7 years ago at the Ocean Club on Paradise Island. It must have been a damn good sandwich to stick out in both of our minds. But then that was a pretty amazing vacation overall. Besides the mindnumbing fact that My room at the resort nightly cost about the same as My monthly rent at the time, I had it in My mind that they had gone there to conceive their second child and I made it a mission to give them as much alone time as possible. Of course, what none of us knew, was that she was pregnant before we even left New York. The girl was only 18 months old then and so very easy to amuse, look there are trucks going by! Hey, that's grass under your bare feet!

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