Loose Ends....

The boy should be fine. Thanks for all your kind and supportive thoughts. He's been admitted and will probably be kept for observation for a few days. Hopefully he will be entirely OK and we will still go to Anguilla for Christmas.

I worked the door for Leda's Rubbercat event over at Opaline again tonight. It was freezy-cold outside but people still made it out. I, of course, wore the full-length mink and was toasty warm.

Responsibility has been claimed for the lovely mules I received as an anonymous gift. It was jimmybob. He is quite sweet, as well as a fun and creative play partner. I look forward to playing with him for a long time. At My request, he sent Me a few one paragraph sketches of roleplay scenarios that he would like to explore with Me. Some of them are terrific! Details for you, once I've decided which one I am making a reality for him.

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