The show is on, gift received and others cancelled

I spent this afternoon preparing and printing the catalogue/price list for Ekko's show at Arena. The opening was this evening and I feel it went well. I made a new friend, who was wearing this ring, which I am now lusting over madly. Go on, tell Me it isn't hot, I dare you. I drank ridiculous amounts of coffee tonight, so perhaps I will finally do some actual work on the Octavia Arena site which is still pitifully bare. Oh, so the wishlist books that I was so excited about receiving have been cancelled! How rude! Telling Me that you are all about financial domination and then ending our correspondence and cancelling a gift order because I sent you a pay-to-view email? Whatever. But I am dissappointed about not getting the Traig book. On the other end of the spectrum is the pair of mules that I actually received from My wishlist without a note! Generous soul, step forward and claim your thanks.

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