I'm back.

I'm back in freezing cold NYC and I'd be lying if I said I was happy about it. Travelling is one of My greatest passions, but I've always loved coming back. New York is My home. But today, I'm thinking that living somewhere that the temp never dips below 70 degrees might not be a bad thing. I have the beginnings of a chest cold, so I headed over to Katz's for chicken noodle soup with a matzoh ball. I flipped through the Village Voice and found a column written by Rachel Kramer Bussel, Lusty Lady. I've never met her, but she is one of those people who knows many of the same people that I do and we travel just out of orbit of eachother. I linked to her personal site over on the blogroll ages ago and can't recall how I found her. Today I read over the archive of her columns and was particularly entertained by the one about Betty Dodson. Though I firmly do not believe in monogamy (for Myself, I know many people just can't handle it), I've never liked the word polyamory either and her attitude toward RKB & her lover was so very similar to the way I felt about N & C.

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