The Nanny Diaries, volume 2

So, it is nine months later and I am back at Rendezvous Bay in Anguilla. The boy is fine, if a touch sunburnt from our first day on the beach. I spent the morning and early afternoon with the kids, but had the later afternoon and evening off, as well as free reign with the rental car. Their dad asked if I'd be going out tonight and I think he was disappointed when I said I'd just be tucking in with the new Kellerman novel I picked up this morning and finished just before I began this entry. It was great in that trashy thriller kind of way. I spent the afternoon driving around, checking out the shops I've frequented in the past, dropping off My laundry (I don't think I've ever been prepared enough not to travel with a bag of clothes needing to be washed) and attempting to get a manicure. Unfortunately, today's activities do not make for the most exciting reading. Now that the dsl is finally up in My room, I'm sure there'll be more to follow.

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