Being Appropriately Dressed or Not At All

Some neighbor of Mine is blasting Nirvana's Nevermind loudly enough to come clearly through My walls. It has been a very busy, very fun week. Wednesday night I worked the door again for Rubbercat. I actually had a great time. I really liked how many dommes from other dungeons showed up. Independents too. As opposed to the other times I've worked this night and felt that I was somewhat superfluous, the dress code was in full effect and I got to actually be The Door Cunt and turn away those that were not appropriately dressed.

Thursday evening I saw jimmybob. This time our role play was as Brad and Linda. She has discovered that he has cheated on her but does not reveal this knowledge until he is firmly bound. I (as Linda)then proceeded to torture and humiliate "brad." I had such a phenomenal time. He is a sincere and enthusiastic player. We went out for a wonderful dinner afterward. I enjoy him so much. He sent Me another follow-up email, still in role. I will need to check if he can handle that one being made public also.

Aaahhh. The report you have all been waiting for...the naturist weekend in Maine. Guess what? I'm a natural nudist. I had a great time, was never selfconcious and will certainly do it again. Those of you who know Me well enough, already know that I typically strip the moment I arrive home. This was, however, My first experience with public nudity. Yes, I admit it, I did the insane naked roll in the snow while we were at the Richmond Sauna. Would I do it again? sure! But once was sufficient yesterday. No, it was not an orgy or really sexual at all, actually. Just naked people literally hanging out. Are you dying to see Me naked? Well, it won't happen in session, I assure you, but take Me to a spa/sauna joint and you just might get your wish. hehehehehe.

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