At The Gym AGAIN, Meow Thoughts

I know I must seem obsessed with this whole gym thing, but I really am thrilled about it. Endorphins and all, you know. I just feel so damn good. Except of course when I'm in total pain the next day, but as I discovered this morning as I dragged Myself to the gym for a 9am appointment with the Trainer (as he will henceforth be referred to), sometimes a good workout will change everything. I barely slept last night, maybe an hour? My pecs and quads were tight and furious with Me. I got stuck in traffic on My way over and left a message on the Trainer's voicemail just short of begging to cancel. He switched up My whole routine and by the end, I felt energized and was grateful that I hadn't ditched out. It must be paying off though, because a repeat client mentioned that he wouldn't have believed it, but My legs are even more toned than the last time he saw Me.

I meant to link to this awhile ago but forgot about it. I love the way this chick writes about the humiliating experience of "single girl buying cat litter". Knowing as some of you might, that I happen to cohabitate with a stray Russian Blue, perhaps this entry rang a tad close to home.

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