Three hours in Korea, ok just on 32nd Street

Have you ever been to one of the Korean Spas on 32nd street? Most
of them are very "no-frills" however they are immaculately clean. My
friend and I suspect that when men go there alone, it is a rub & tug
situation, but we don't know for sure, and perhaps the women who do the women's treatments are retired R&T girls. I'd been once before and while the massage was impressive, the scrub really wasn't, over at spadium. However the night before last at about 11pm (you know how much I love anything available late night or 24 hours!) my friend A & I headed up to koreatown for the most amazing experience!!! We went to yipak, but they had already closed, so we were escorted upstairs to the men's spa hanyang. The sauna and steam rooms were small but very clean, the scrub was incredible. Rather than the loofah that was used on Me last time, she used (for lack of a better description) scrubby gloves. The sheer volume of grey dead skin that I saw roll off of both of our bodies was disgusting, but in that totally fascinating way. Oh yeah, there is no privacy, though we were the only people receiving treatments at the time, they happen on these linoleum covered padded tables, three in the room, no curtains or separations. Sometimes there is a washcloth over your eyes but for the most part I watched My friend A's scrub and massage, as she was only 3 feet away, buck naked. How could I resist? The women who work at hanyang were much nicer than at spadium. At spadium, you honestly would have thought you were in boot camp. They handled your body roughly yet thoroughly and literally pushed you from room to room. Things were much more relaxed this time and My skin is quite possibly the softest it has ever been. The massage was so relaxing that I actually fell asleep. That woman walked on my back, cracked Me six ways to Sunday and worked through every knot in My body.

We got out just past 1am and went over to Won Jo for Korean BBQ. Oh yeah, they are open 24 hours too. Thank you little Korean immigrants, that I know are making substandard wages, I love your block.

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