Two flicks came to My attention today. The first is Arakimentari, which I will probably try to see tonight, whether I find someone to accompany Me or not. It is playing at the amazing (though their website is poorly designed) Imaginasian theater. Check out their description of this documentary:
According to this wild biographical portrait of one of the world's most notorious photographers, there used to only be two contexts for the representation of female nudity in Japan: high art and smut. Nobuyoshi Araki changed all that. Says one admiring colleague, "he made art and porn the same thing." Travis Klose's doc captures the high-spirited, irrepressibly vulgar artist at work and play -- tying up nude models in elaborate bondage set-ups, flirting with his subjects and rampaging through the streets of his beloved Tokyo in search of inspiration. But the film also contains a serious appreciation of Araki's enormous (and enormously varied) body of work from curators, fellow photographers and celebrity friends like Björk and actor-director Takeshi Kitano, who ruefully notes, "Araki seems to enjoy his work more than I do." -- Jason Anderson, Eye Weekly

The other flick I just found out about has Me so excited, you really just can't imagine. One of My all-time-favorite comix has been made into a movie!!!! Frank Miller's Sin City. And it looks like they actually didn't fuck it up! The trailer looks hot. Damn it that the release isn't 'till April. If anyone hears of a pre-release screening of this movie, it is your duty to notify Me immediately!

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