Back at the Dungeon

My mood is so terrific! Perhaps I am just easily amused. I'm spending the evening answering the phones over at Arena because the phone girl called out sick. I spent a bit of time in Mia's session. I've never actually observed her in role or played with her before and I must admit she is phenomenal! When I asked her client to perform for us, he confessed the story of his first orgasm/fantasy and discovery "of his sexuality" all wrapped up into one. When he was about fourteen, he tied his shoes to his cock and rolled back and forth on the floor, the weight of the shoes tugging his cock from side to side as he bucked his hips and imagined beautiful women laughing at the spectacle he had created. Of course we forced him to re-enact and finally realize this pivotal moment. Unfortunately his cock bondage skills seemed to have waned during the intervening years, so this little show was rather short.

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