Multi-talented: Dominatrix/Tech Guru

I've been going out A LOT! Last night I hit two birthday parties, my friend H's over at The Living Room and then Tibbie's over at Karma. Smoking is allowed at Karma!!! Granted I just had the SLC experience of smoking in bars, but between the 80's/90's music and the indescribably NYC atmosphere, I thought I'd been transported back to high school. I had a great time, geeked out with Michael Malice (yes we sat in a bar and I whipped out the ipod to play Jaymz Bee lounge versions of hip hop songs for him) and just relaxed. I saw a client this afternoon who was SO stressed about his doorman or neighbors figuring out that a Dominatrix was coming over that he asked me to a-wear jeans and sneakers, b-put on My makeup when I got there and wash it off before I left and c-when doing verbal humiliation, to please, please not speak above a whisper! As if that weren't amusing enough, our actual session was quite short, but I spent the rest of the hour doing tech support for his laptop and newly acquired ipod. ONLY ME!!!

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