EIGHT DAYS 'tll Hanukkah: wishlists are updated!

Thanksgiving was fun and low key. I went out to the Hamptons, ate turkey, watched cartoons Friday morning while snuggling with the awesome kids. Our Xmas trip to Anguilla is on and I am totally psyched. In other travel news, I have agreed to go on an all expense paid naturist weekend in January. I'll let you all know how that goes.

I was pleasantly surprised by an email from someone who has not yet called Me via keen or had an actual session with Me. He purchased the book from the reading mentioned a few entries below as well as two others from My Amazon wishlist. Potential slaves take note: this is an EXCELLENT way to introduce yourself! In that evil thing known as the "Holiday Spirit" I have updated both My Amazon wishlist as well as My Fetish Factory wishlist. Ummmm, hello? Get shopping! Yes, that was an order, bitch! Hanukkah begins in only EIGHT DAYS! I brought My (now out of print and rather valuable) DVD of Audition (a grovel slave Amazon wishlist gift from last holiday season) over to a friend's place to watch tonight. Damn I love that movie! It was really novel to watch it with two other Dommes. The one who had not seen it previously made the best comment. "That scene (those of you who have seen it know which one she is referring to) was great, I just wish it was longer!" And similar to my cilice fantasies after reading The DaVinci Code, I now really want [warning: this link has spoilers, please don't read before you've seen it!] an Audition themed session. You might notice that I added a bunch of Miike flicks to My wishlist, I've seen most of them, but I need to own them.

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