An update from Jimmy Bob

You may remember the brilliant roleplay I enjoyed with Jimmy Bob. I received an email from him just before the election, that made Me laugh out loud. Choice excerpts below:

Howdy, Mistress Octavia!

You probably didn't figure on hearin' from me agin, seein' as how I
left the Arena fast as a jack rabbit with his tail on fire. But a few
days ago I was wanderin' around the WWW and happened upon your blog, and
was dismayed to see that you done blabbed and bragged clear 'cross
cyberspace how you outsmarted and humiliated me. That was right ornery of
you, when all I wanted was to assuage mah loneliness with some female
companionship, as it were, while I was away from home.

You may be wonderin' what I did about votin' at the Convention. Well,
I remembered you had that vidya tape, and knew you was low-down enough
to use it to ruin mah standin' in society if I voted for George Bush.
So I told the chairman of the Texas delegation that I warn't feelin'
too good - which warn't no lie, cuz mah whole body was still sore after
what you done to me - and he sent in an alternate, and he voted for
President Bush in mah place! So ol' W got his unanimous nomination - which
he deserved, since he is the Lord's chosen instrument in these fearful
times - but I had to lay low in mah hotel room 'stead of standin' proud
on the Convention floor where the folks back in Texas could see me.

So I'm havin' a hard time forgivin' you for the indignities which you
heaped upon mah person, such as ridin' me like a pony, forcin' me to
kiss your feet and ass, and other affronts to mah manhood which I won't
mention! You may have had a good ol' time at mah expense, but I want to
remind you that the Lord watches over all of us, and in His own good
time He will defend the righteous against the evil minions of Satan!

I prayed with the minister of my church for the strength to forgive you. 'Course I couldn't tell him all the details, but he said that you
and all the women in New York City was hedonistic and rebellious, and
wouldn't be goin' to Heaven unless you repent real soon. Most likely you
are goin' to spend all eternity in the Other Place, 'long with Gloria
Steinem, Ellen Degenerate, Huck Finn, Al Frankenstein, the Marquis de
Sod, and John Kerry.

FYI, I been workin' out in the hardware store, liftin' tools and
appliances, when there ain't no customers. So if I ever get back to New
York, I might drop by for a little rematch.

Remember to vote for Bush and Cheney on Nov 2!

Jimmy Bob


Mistress Octavia,

Now that my alter ego has gotten all that off his chest, I have a few
things to add.

That session went way beyond my expectations. I had to remind myself a
few times that it was that sniveling, hypocritical Jimmy Bob who was
being dominated and humiliated, not me, and that it wouldn't go on
forever. It was a total turn-on! You really are good at what you do. And I
was glad to read in your blog that you enjoyed it as much as I did.

You mentioned that if I ever want to do another roleplay in the future,
I should contact you with the details so you can prepare. It's not a
question of if, but when...

Remember to vote for Kerry and Edwards on Nov. 2!


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