In Short: Sexy pirate plays pool and sees nature

Sorry for the silence, My darling cube has been misbehaving and totally uncooperative. I think that issue is now resolved. I had a great relaxing time in SLC. We bought membership to a couple of bars, but our local watering hole quickly became Cheers To You. I don't know who the guys on the site are with the tie & bow-tie, every bartender we met there was much more casual. The guys were so nice and knew us by name less than an hour after we got there. We played pool, drank beer and made friends with the locals. One sweetheart gave us our own personal tour of SLC including climbing Pete's Rock, lunch at Ruth's Diner and snowballs up at Solitude.

I had a very busy Halloween. I took the awesome kids trick or treating in SoHo with the Children's Museum of the Arts dressed as a witch in a long black velvet dress with a pointed hat. For the evening's adventures I switched to thigh high leather boots, fishnets, leather mini, black corset, cream ruffled shirt and black eyepatch & bandana to become a very sexy pirate. I rode Abby's anniversary float in the west village Halloween parade, and then attended Evita's What Is Fetish? party over at Opaline. I received a niteflirt call as I was en route to the party and My client paid for the privilege of accompanying Me for the first half hour via My cell phone. I tucked it upside down in My cleavage and let him listen as I greeted friends and explored the party.

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