Have you ever deleted someone's number from your phone just so you wouldn't call them? Urgh. (that would be a guttural sound of frustration, just in case my translation was unclear) Oh, and if you noted that I didn't capitalize the "m" in "my", I've decided that I am over that pretentious affectation. So, I had a brief infatutation. Must be the ADD kicking in that it barely lasted a week, that or my self-respect. He seemed nice and interesting and all kinds of awesome, but I think now that nothing is meant to be between us. That's too bad, because I thought I really liked him, maybe even enough to consider dating or something. Something like what? I dunno, he was just the first guy I've encountered since I left C that I wanted to sleep next to. Getting laid is easy, finding someone who has a brain worth exploring is an entirely different proposition. At least I've realized that maybe I'm even open to that. Last week I would have said, "No way! I have no interest whatsoever in seeing anyone for a very long time!" But then I met this guy and was blown away at the prospect of...what? I don't know, something. Damn, it has been so long since I did any of this, I don't even know what the proper protocol is anyway. I've never been one for games, like you must wait however many days to call or whatever, but I've already made my move (as oblique as it may have been) and if he isn't calling or emailing me, it is time to let it go.

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