Death can be sad, but murder can be funny

I found out earlier today that Michael Prince has passed away. He was an integral person on the NY BDSM scene. I met him the very first night I set foot into Hellfire. He was the first man that I ever took a flogger to. The first person was a woman and earlier that same evening. I was utterly upfront about being a clueless novice, but she did not communicate with Me at all, and the scene ended poorly, with her allowing Me to wrap her continuously until her limit was reached and she stood up and angrily called Me off. Michael generously got up on the cross to give Me target practice. Ironically, moments after recalling the above, I was searching the old maxfisch boards for My contributions. I found the following post from Elle, My former partner in crime:
Mistress Octavia is beside me and reminiscing about the days when she was a novice and first set foot into Hellfire...

"Perhaps this is only because I was and am a Dominant Woman, but I was surprised by the sense of community and friendliness I encountered. I was open about the fact that I had no experience but was interested in learning; and one of the people I met that day is still a close friend and mentor. I stopped hanging out there awhile ago for various reasons; but the first time I swung a flogger (and wrapped the sub) and the first time what wrapping meant, where to safely flog and how important communication is, was all explained to me at Hellfire."

On a brighter note, I lounged about with a new friend and got to watch Battle Royale (which I've wanted to see for ages) and Fudoh (which I've seen before, but could anyone ever tire of watching a Japanese high school girl shoot darts from her pussy with deadly accuracy?). Uber-relaxing and probably just what I needed.

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