The time to volunteer again has finally come

I just did something that I've been meaning to do again for over six years. I completed My application to volunteer at the Birch Family Camp again. The six sessions I spent at Birch were some of the most intense, humbling, wonderful, honest and rewarding times of My life. Birch is a sleepaway camp for kids with HIV and their families. It provides the kids with the opportunity to be just regular kids and respite and support for the parents. I can not put into words how this experience affected My life, other than to say that I am ashamed that it has taken Me so long to make time for it again. Anyone who knew Me back when I went to Birch regularly already knows how deeply I feel about My experiences there. Unfortunately, over the years I have lost touch with both the kids I fell in love with and the counselors I became friends with. I've filled out the application for this summer, if they will have Me again, I'm theirs.

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