Hungover, working out and playing in the darkroom

I woke up at 8am this morning with a pounding hangover, again and was possessed to write a nice long rant about how I never used to get hungover and managed to do so three times this week. Then My darling computer froze and those paragraphs are gone forever. I spent 14 hours at the dungeon on Sunday, drank a bottle of very nice Bordeaux with Emanuelle that a very sweet client brought for Me. Just one measly bottle of wine? Where'd the hangover come from? Well, when one drinks half a bottle of wine without eating anything all day first...

Anyway, I actually made it to the gym and saw The Trainer today. He is just so great. If I make it through the set of reps he gives Me, he tells Me how far I've come and that I'm lifting real weight and should be proud. If I DON'T make it through the set, he tells Me how fantastic I'm doing because I shouldn't be able to just ace anything he gives Me. So funny. He also keeps upping the weights without mentioning it. Sometimes I catch him and sometimes I don't. Some guy in the gym today was on the benchpress next to Me while I was doing olympic squats. A bit later when I walked past him he gave Me some kind of compliment on My squats. You would think I'd have laughed at him or ignored him, but I was so surprised, I actually said "Thanks." and meant it. Have no fear, I'm not morphing into some freaky gymrat, I'm just loving using My body this way.

Jeni & I went to photography class and printed our first contact sheets. I was so damn excited about the whole process. The two of us were totally gossiping during the developing process. I know it is a college class, but My sheer excitement at learning something new and of course sharing the whole experience with Jeni makes Me totally feel all high school about it. We went for our biweekly manicure/pedicure after class and My silver talons are properly in place again.

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