Is the Blog Me Really Me?

Saw the new Miike flick today. Unfortunately I wasn't all that impressed. Barely sessioned at all this week. I'm feeling the need to get some of my sadistic urges out. I'll be at the Naughty Cupids Play Party over at Arena tomorrow night. Perhaps I'll find someone to play really hard with. It is a lame stereotype that dominatrixes just beat the living shit out of their clients. In truth, I do not see many very heavy masochists. And as I've stated before, it is 90% improv theater anyway. But I am a skilled domina and I want to play! Gotta get rid of this sexual frustration somehow [grin]. Anyway, if you read the blog, tell me so, I'll probably be nicer to you.

I've had several people tell me recently that they have read all the way through my archives and feel like they know me. I figured I should do the same and see what facets of myself are available for public consumption. While everything I've written was true at the moment, I am certainly not the person I was six months ago, much less 2 years ago. The twelve step stuff is kinda funny. I no longer subscribe to that philosophy. I didn't go to many sex addict meetings, and no I didn't pick anyone up ala Palahniuk either, and while I heard some resonant things there, I'm really ok with my attitude toward sex as well as my sexual behavior. I've never really suffered from guilt or regret in that area. I've got to go shower now, meeting Mr. Malice and Jeffie for drinks.

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