Last night, after the Arena Holiday party, I met up with one of my best friends, his gf and a few of her friends at yuppie bar. I ordered my new favorite pretentious cocktail, a dirty vodka martini. I wouldn't order it at most of the bars I hang out in, so I was disappointed that it was not quite as amazing as the last time I had had it (when I ended up having four or five of them). I had a good time: random conversation, engaged in a Ms. Pacman duel, but the evening ended with my receipt of another perfect hanamas (for those of you not in the know, that is hanukkah and christmas combined) gift. I've received several absolutely amazing gifts and the holidays are still weeks away! OK, as much as I love the stuff I've received from my wishlist I am somewhat amazed at how my friends have chosen items for me that have brought me instant and complete joy. I, on the other hand, have purchased only one gift thus far, for a seven year old. I love shopping, I love giving gifts, but I hate this whole time frame pressure thing. What if I don't find the right present before the last week of December? And what is up with all this early gift giving?

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