OK, so there's no MTA strike. Did this matter in any way whatsoever to me? No. Besides the fact that I'm a total cab-whore, I live on the LES and work in SoHo (and I'm headed out of the city for the next week). I barely ever use public transit anyway. I'm sitting in JFK waiting for my (currently 15 minutes delayed) flight to PR. JetBlue's free wireless rocks, particularly since I never got around to picking up a book to read on the flight. I've just tabbed out about two dozen pages of blogs and articles to read en route.

Watched Unleashed last night. I can't believe I missed this flick in the theaters. I'd heard good things about it, but popped the dvd in knowing absolutely nothing about the plot line. The fight scenes are terrific. There's a group fight that reminded me of the amazing hallway sequence in Oldboy.

Flight boarding...catch ya later. I just had a horrible, "what if I die on this flight" thought and...ugh, I'm totally not afraid of flying. But I'll check back in to let you all know I made it.

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