Most Memorable Moments

I'm enjoying Puerto Rico with the exception of one thing...they don't sell camel lights here! Perhaps you do not understand quite how devastating this is for me. I took a cab to 8 stores in search of them! I finally settled for Camel Turkish Gold which some salesperson tried to assure me was the PR equivalent, but they're different. I know it.

There was a maxfisch thread about most memorable moments in session, not best sessions, just those moments you'll never forget. For those of you who don't read maxville, here's what I had to say:

I don't know if I'd call these my "best dungeon moments" but I'll certainly never forget any of them.

1--While still a house Mistress, a client had been booked for me. He specifically requested that we forgo the consult as he did not want to encounter me out of role: Strict Uber Bitch Dominatrix. Along with the list of activities he enjoyed he also specifically requested that I not smile at any time. I remember that I paused outside the dungeon door, arranged my cleavage and my game face. With an angry glare I threw the door open. Naked, kneeling with his head to the floor in the center of the room was the youngest, hottest, most hard body client I had encountered at that time. A twinge of a smile started to cross my face and I stilled it. But then he looked up and in a booming Australian accent, he said "G'day Mistress!" I actually lost it and started laughing hysterically.

2--The first time I came in session. Somewhere after my lifestyle play during my early pro-domme days I'd been taught that session was not my "sex." So while I still enjoyed playing, I never thought of it as sexual for me. I was wearing a strap-on and literally fucking my client's face. I had him by his hair and I'll admit that he took my revenge for any time my head had ever been pushed or held down while giving a blow job. Caught up in the rush of power, I don't recall actually realizing that I'd found the correct angle to have the base of the harness rubbing my clit. But suddenly I was coming and I locked my thighs around his head with the dildo still deep in his throat and bucked all over that couch. When he left and I went back to the locker room I was all flushed and confused with my mind racing: Was that "ok?" Did I just break a dungeon rule?

3--Many years ago I had a regular with a cannibalism fantasy. Over the years I "prepared to eat him" various ways, but the moment I'll never forget was the terror in his eyes as I brandished a bloody handful of raw chopped meat, claimed it was the leftovers from the little boy I ate last week, bit off a chunk and threw the rest at him as he laid bound on the floor. It hit his torso with a wet thwack and rivulets of blood ran all over him. he kept looking at his chest and looking at me over and over again. God that was a great moment!

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