Mood: exceedingly accomplished!

I finally finished revamping my site! I'm particularly proud of the gallery section, I went to battle with the html gods and won. I think, so if you are in windows or some browser I didn't properly code it for, do let me know ASAP. While I'm thrilled to put so many photos up that have never been on the web, I wish they were all new shots. But since my face has remained essentially unchanged since I was 15, I'm not concerned that photos a few years old misrepresent how I look. Full disclosure: the blue latex dress shots are just a few months old, everything else is at least 5 years old. BUT....I do have several photo shoots scheduled after my return from San Juan, so the next update is not so far away.

While engaged in conversation with a new acquaintence, I was reminded of this post. I gave that attentive smile and nod while he went on about a current political topic that I knew absolutely nothing about. My smile was perhaps a touch more genuine as I thought about dashing into the bathroom to google the topic.

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