I once wrote a five page paper on giving up my seat on a bus. I wrote about motivation versus action. Whether it was sheer good upbringing/training or a genuine impulse. Truth is, I know it doesn't really matter why I did it, just that I did. This afternoon I found a shopping bag in a cab. There was a bunch of random crap in it, but of note are the two diamond tennis bracelets and the prescription bottle of medication. The woman's phone number was on the bottle. I called, told her that I'd found her bag with the bottle in it. She immediately asked about the bracelets. I said they were still there as well. The theiving, coniving part of my brain is shocked that I was immediately ready to return these items to their rightful owner. Isn't possession ninetenths of the law? Shouldn't there be consequences for people so careless as to leave such valuable items behind? But I guess it is all karmic deposits. You know, hoping one day that whatever good I put out into the world makes its way back to me...

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