"Fellas, I'm ready to get up and do my thing"

Yesterday was a very good day. Not only did I have a really good and satisfying workout, The Trainer did something entirely new. He laced me up in a pair of boxing gloves! I had told him how cranky I was at a particular person and the gist of why and he said, "I think you need to be hitting something today." jab, cross, hook. Brand new vocabulary along with body movements. I fucking loved it!

Picked the kids up from school today and while trying to engineer my plans for the evening, ended up on speakerphone in the car with a colleague of a friend. She exclaimed, "Oh Shit!" regarding somthing or other and the girl piped up from the back seat, "The next time you see that girl, you've got to get a dollar from her, you know...the swear jar." Some people might find that obnoxious, not me, I think it was fucking adorable. Those kids are so awesome. I told the chick on the phone not to worry about it, I'd cover her.

I continue having the best non-dates with those pesky platonic males in my life. We began with Get Up! (Gerropa) a ridiculously hysterical flick about a yakuza boss about to go to prison with two heart's desires: anything related to James Brown and to find his daughter whom he hasn't seen in 25 years. I was psyched about the premise: yakuza attempt to kidnap James Brown, and hoped it would be funny. It was more like fucking hysterical. I then got to introduce my friend to an essential NY pleasure: the frozzzzen hot chocolate at Serendipity. Diner food breakfast at night, another favorite along with a bar that you can smoke at as long as you can handle the HORRIBLE pop rap in the background.

I feel confident that I will eventually find boys to accompany me on these great nights who actually lust after me. Why is my life so compartmentalized? It isn't like there is a lack of men to fuck me when I'm looking for that, but why do they have such crappy taste in movies? Why do the guys that I can have 5 hours of amusing conversation with not want to fuck me?

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