My First Session...

There is a post currently over on maxfisch asking "How old were you during your first session?" I related this story to someone recently and think that perhaps it is worth telling here. I've been a pro-domme since I was 19, but my first paid session happened when I was only 9. My best friend and I did all the experimentation that prepubescent girls do when the parents are asleep and the bedroom door is closed. However our play was definitely colored by the porn stashes we had read. We acted out the stories in Forum Letters and Cheri but being the intelligent creative creatures that we were, eventually we made up our own scenarios. The one I recall most vividly contained sensation play that I think I could be proud of as a pro, much less as a nine-year-old child. I had tied her spread eagled and face up on her (of course!) canopied four poster bed using our tights. I had sucked, tweaked and pinched her nipples, and no I can not tell you how she hid the black and blues from her mother or how she explained them if they were discovered. I was toying with her and alternating between hot and cold play using ice cubes and a blowdryer on its highest setting. I recall running the blowdryer slowly along the inside of her thighs and under her breasts. Moving it so slowly that the heat could have actually burned her. Then without warning dragging an icecube across those same parts. The true defining moment of this encounter was when I placed an ice cube directly on her clit and left it there to melt. She had not yet come though I had brought her very close several times. For reasons I can not recall, I was suddenly bored of our game and told her that I was done and didn't want to play any longer that day. She begged and pleaded with me not to stop, to just finish her off. I think that may have been the first time I heard the anguish of naked need in another's voice. I was already leaning over to begin untying her when she offered me her allowance. For the rest of the month, if only I would finish what I had begun. I did. And I collected.

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