Gymrat Freak and a Confidence Booster (as if I needed one!)

At the risk of being labled a gymrat freak, I've gotta boast. Not that I would have had a clue what this meant two months ago, so if you don't, bear with me & just know I'm all kinds of proud of myself. I dead lifted 135 lbs from the floor for three sets of eight reps. This is a major development. When I started with The Trainer, I couldn't even do squats without the aid of a chair. Got informed today that I belong to the "kool kids gym." That's funny. Ironic too is that this morning I posted about basically being fat, though perhaps I was misunderstood because I received a very sweet email containing the following:
Let’s start with those “euphemistic fat chick” words tossed around so callously by relatives and acquaintances. Have they really thought about those words?

· Zaftig: This Yiddish word comes from the German “saftig”, which means juicy, lush, succulent. Puts a whole new spin on it, doesn’t it?

· Rubenesque: If nothing else, this word should remind us that standards of beauty change over time and across societies. BTW, have you seen the nudes of Rubens, Titian, and others? They’re gorgeous!

· Amazonian: The mythological Amazons could not have been powerful warriors if they had been anorexic or bulimic. Kate Moss would have been laughed out of their camp. But neither could they have been overweight and out of shape.

But, you might say, when people use those words, they actually mean “fat chick”. Well, if they are going to distort history, language, and logic, screw them!

You may have been overweight some of your life, but losing 60 pounds is a monumental achievement about which you should feel extremely proud. Add to that what you have accomplished at the gym, and you are no longer just a “big girl” – you are a goddess! Lots of guys – including me - think that a muscular woman is sexy and irresistible (in more ways than one). It takes no “willing suspension of disbelief” to see you as a dominating force worthy of awe, respect, and obedience.

And we haven’t even gotten to that stunning face, or that wicked imagination.

I’m not trying to encourage you to be arrogant, but confidence and pride would be very appropriate.

Do I have the best clients or what?!?! I definitely wasn't whinging about my weight this morning. If anything I've been feeling very fucking sexy lately.

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