The Email Was Entitled "These Rules Begin Today"

One of my very close friends is a phone sex girl. Though she is not a pro-domme some of her clients have requested domination. I'd love to take credit for her tutelage, but in truth she is a super smart, sexy & creative gal all on her own. She has consulted me here and there for technical correctness, but for the most part the tortures and services she has devised are entirely her own. Her particular favorite slave has already gained several serving privileges that really amuse me. He is responsible for a monthly spa gift certificate to cover her brazilian waxing expenses and he is permitted to wash her dirty laundry and pays a premium price per item for this privilege. She forwarded me the following email for my perusal and I cannot resist sharing it with you. I am deeply amused by the completeness of it.

RULES 1. Your cock is never to be touched by you while we are on the phone without permission being granted from me. I enjoy hearing you beg for this privilege. Never will you cum without asking permission before.

2. When sending items to me- care is to be taken. All items being sent directly from you, should be wrapped in tissue or paper and include a card. Also an extra little gift would be appreciated. I want you to begin to think creatively. This is not about how much money you spend on me, rather it is about how much you are thinking about my needs and desires. All laundry is to be sent back within 48hrs and I will be checking the dates on the postage. If you fail to do this you will pay a penalty of 3x the cost per item.

3. All emails I send you should be followed by a response of some sort from you. Once we work out the phone issues we can talk about these parameters. If I bother to write you I am sure it is worthy of the response.

4. Since we have now set up a way for you to take care of my pussy and my body- I will expect you to purchase a spa gift certificate at least once a month. You can surprise me and check out other places. I will expect these certificates to come once a month by the 30th.

5. woolite is fine for now. Eventually you should purchase the tocca detergent (I sent you the link- check it out.)

6. What I find fun about this sort of ass kissing relationship is your loyalty, originality and creativity. This for me is not about you showering me with gifts but about your devotion. My expectation of you is to always have me on your mind. When you fill your car up, you're to be thinking of little gifts to shower me with to show me you were thinking of me- go to the deli at the gas station and buy me a stupid little toy or a gas gift certificate. I want to know you are thinking of me and my needs...

7. You being punctual is important to me. If you are for any reason held up when we are supposed to talk just email me or call and say you can't talk. I understand things come up but I do not want to be waiting for you if anything you should be waiting for me. We can work out the punishment for this offense together.

8. You are never to address me as just A. I do not care which title you prefer but acceptable to me are- goddess, princess and mistress.

SHOPPING ITEMS/ GENERAL INFO/ WAYS TO PAMPER ME: A GUIDE FOR YOU SLAVE BOY: I love all shoes, especially heels and boots. Usually I am a 9.5 but if it has a pointy toe (which is my preferred shoe style) I would be a 10.

favorite colors- red, black and pink

my favorite department stores are jeffery's new york, nordstrom's, urban outfitter's and barney's

deodorant- degree sport scent

tampons- kotex plastic applicator never scented

tooth paste- any cavity fighting brand

razors- the lady venus

candles- diptique is my preferred brand but I do also like anything fig/ lavender scented items. I do not like any fruity smells.

cooking- I love anything from william sonoma, dean and deluca and any cookbooks.

jewelry- I only wear silver/platinum with the exception of a ring or some amazing earrings

manicures- once a week

pedicures- every two weeks

brazilian bikini wax (i.e, pussy waxing)- about every three weeks to a month

body treatments- I love massages, reflexology and body wraps

board games- I love them all and card games

movies- anything cheezy 80's, cult classics and documentaries

candy- any white chocolate or truffles

moisturizer, body wash, lotions, creams and scrubs, etc.- anything by kiehls, jurlique, or laura mercier

shampoo- phyto

conditioner- pantene or phyto

clothing- size medium but keep in mind my boobs- so if it is small around the bust a large is needed- I love anything cashmere or leather.

linens and towels- I love new sheets, comforters, quilts and towels- high thread count is important and I prefer them always to be white

lipstick- in general I wear mac viva glam red, kiehls gloss assorted colors, or tarte brand gloss

tweezers- tweezerman

mascara- chanel black

flowers- amaryllis's, hyacinths, paper whites, orchids and peonies are my favorites

books- I love to read really anything but sci-fi or comics. I am trying to build myself a collection of books about dominant women and fetish fashion. I also love coffee table books about art/ photography.

stockings- any fishnets or vintage style usually I wear a large because of my height- if a medium goes up to 5'8" I can wear a medium

everyday panties- in general since I run/workout everyday, I usually wear victoria secret's cotton bikini style panties in black or white size medium

my favorite lingerie brands- aubade and agent provocateur. I wear a 36D or 36DD (depending on the time of the month.) I especially love very girly items, I love all styles of panties and bras.

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