Inappropriate...Am I wrong?

I was once again the Rubbercat Door Cunt last night, however this was the first time that I was actually in a bitchy mood. While I typically think of myself as a people person, every now and again I find myself just hating everyone. Strict dress code actually means strict dress code. OK fine, not everyone owns fetish gear and I can live with that, but how terribly difficult is it to rustle up all black? My stock response to people wearing blue jeans is that they want to come in, they can take them off and last night over a dozen people did. That was quite amusing.

There was one incident last night of an entirely personal nature that utterly bewildered me. My ex and I had arranged for him to drop by to pick up a CD from me. He did, we chatted for a bit and engaged in the now typical, bizarrely comfortable banter. On one hand it makes sense, we were together and best friends for so long and know each other so well. But of course in some ways things are still very awkward between us, it has only been six months since I left him. The prearranged visit was not problematic. However his return with his 19-year-old gf, who was a member of our staff and still works at the shop is what disconcerted me. Somewhere is the depths of the shop they dug up a silver bustier/zip up corset and matching zip-crotch pants. And decided for reasons not even vaguely understood by me to bring her over to show me. Their pretext was something along the lines of that they dressed her up to use the bathroom at Opaline. Whatever. The top was on backwards. They thought that the zippers should match up, but there were cups for her nonexistent breasts bagging a bit against her back. Am I wrong in thinking that this was inappropriate? I know a priori that it was his idea. She was just his little dress-up toy. What the fuck was he thinking? Oooooh she can wear fetishy stuff too? Somehow it is this foolishness that hurts me. Is it because I have not yet found someone to hatch ridiculous plans with?

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