A Rant or A Whinge?

I spent so much of my life working until I had enough money to travel
and then ditching everything for a month or three, coming back and
doing it all over again. I WANT TO SEE PLACES I HAVE NOT SEEN BEFORE!
I am fiending to explore, but I can't seem to get everything in place
to get out of town for a bit. Maybe that is the secret, nothing was
really in place when I took off before; I can't tell you how many
times my electricity has been shut off while I was out of town.

Today has been all about playing with trains. The boy stayed home
from school & we built an insanely elaborate track that streched
across the playroom floor with many curves and loops over itself. How cool is it that I get paid to play like a little kid?

However on a not truly related topic but tangential, what is up with ageplay lately? Two men that I have slept with
recently have asked me to pretend to be their daughter. Thankfully
neither of them are old enough to have actually fathered me, they were
both in their thirties. Why me? I do not have that pubescent lolita
look. I passed for 21 when I was 11. Both of them were amazed at how
good I was at it. Um hello?!? A- I do roleplay professionally, B-I
spend quite a bit of time with children. Truth be told this is not my
scene. In fact as well as I play this role, I am not entirely
comfortable there. Pedophilia freaks me out.

So why agree to it you might ask? Well, if I've chosen to spend time
with someone in bed, I tend to want to make them happy. Contrarian
that I am, I can also be an incredibly selfish lover, but when I'm
feeling generous, I will entertain almost any fantasy.

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